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Do I need to have worker's compensation insurance?


Yes! Illinois law requires employers to have worker's compensation insurance if they have even one employee.


Call today for your personalized worker's compensation quote (847) 870-7100 & ask for Paul!


If you are looking to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage, let us help you make sure your business and employees have the protection they need.


At Suburban Insurance we will assist you in acquiring the worker's compensation insurance you need for your situation. Whether you are a small or a medium company, we have the right answers to your questions.


How much does worker's compensation insurance cost a business?

The cost of worker's compensation varies and is dependent on the number of employees, how risky your business is and whether any of your employees have been injured in the past.


Although the cost can differ, they are calculated in basically the same way. The premium depends on the number of employees and cost of payroll. Each occupation is assigned a risk classification. Risk is determined by the historical experience of two factors: the frequency of on-the-job injury and the severity of injury of the industry.

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